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We envision a world where quality investment opportunities are open to all. We hope to reshape the investment landscape into one that is more imaginative, inclusive, and transparent.



About Friends & Community

Meet Gordon, Mike, and Jonny – the Three Musketeers of Unity Angels. Friends for a whopping 25 years, their roots trace back to the streets of Beijing. They practically spoke every language, from dumplings to data sheets.

A modern city with historic Chinese buildings as well as new towering skyscrapers.

In the US, they felt like interlopers in the pre-existing systems and networks. A similar sense of disconnection greeted them in China. They were outsiders to both worlds and insiders to neither.

Yet, these three are architects of change. Barriers to them were mere hurdles that they transformed into bridges. Unity Holdings became their canvas. They transformed their story into a legacy to empower not just the next Asian Pacific generation, but all communities. They believed access to wealth of knowledge, wealth of finances, and wealth of connections were fundamental rights.

Unity Holdings is not just an investment community, it is a testament to friendship, a tribute to a vision that stretches beyond cultures and generations.

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A compass

Strong Moral Compass


Our commitment to a strong moral compass guides every decision and action we take. Integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct form the foundation of our interactions with investors, partners, companies, and our team. We believe in doing what's right, even when no one is watching.

A house's roof and snow falling

Raise The Roof


"Raise the Roof" encapsulates our dedication to pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations. We don't settle for mediocrity; we push for exceptional outcomes. This value drives us to continually innovate, striving for excellence in our products, services, and customer interactions.

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Inclusive Space


We foster an inclusive environment where every voice is heard, respected, and valued. Although our primary focus is uplifting our Asian-Pacific investor community, we recognize that innovation thrives when we harness our collective wisdom. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that our solutions reflect the diversity of the world at large.

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Our Investor-Centric approach places the interests of our investor community at the forefront. We recognize the trust placed in us and ensure that our actions prioritize their objectives and well-being. To do so, we're dedicated to providing transparent, two-way communication across the network, closing our feedback loop.

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